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On-Site Massage

"Sometimes the best antidote to corporate stress is hands-on management. So say people at Apple Computer, GE's NBC, Johnson & Johnson, Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo Bank, and a host of other companies that have hired massage therapists to rejuvenate frazzled employes..." --John Naisbitt, Megatrends

"Massage advocates say that kneading the head, shoulders, neck and back can go a long way toward easing tension and improving morale. They insist that touching is a basic need, as powerful as the need for food or sleep, and that the office is as good a place as any to do it." --Carol Davenport, Fortune Magazine, May 21, 1990

Stress - A Modern Condition?

Ever notice how hard it is to think straight after a morning of being hunched over your computer terminal, production line or a desk piled with to-do's? How tired do you often feel after a "normal" day's work? The tension that results from everyday stress robs you of the ability to relax and concentrate. Dealing with this tension keeps you from being your creative best at work or play.

A quick massage treatment can help restore the energy and balance so often lost during a stressful day. A coffee break, a small part of your lunch hour, or a pause before or after work is all it takes.

What is On-Site Massage?

On-Site Massage is defined as a compact, well-choreographed style of body work done through clothing, on a chair or stool, in a place most convenient to the client rather than the practitioner. On-site massage presents a service that is safe, convenient and affordable.

On-Site Massage Services

The standard treatment, $12 for 15 minutes, relaxes and energizes the entire body. Our specialty is an on-site, hands-on neuromuscular and energetic treatment of the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. These are the areas where most people store stress and tension. Additional therapy is available for injuries, chronic tension, headaches or structural balancing. The recipient is clothed and seated in a portable physical therapy chair. An on-site massage is comfortable, affordable and convenient.

Name: Department: Location: Ext: Type of Work: Have You Ever Heard of On-Site Massage? Would you be interested in having on-site massage in your workplace? If you were to have an on-site massage, what day would you prefer? If you were to make a specific time of day, which would you prefer?